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Park's bird species

With its extreme variety of natural environments, the Park hosts more than 200 bird species that make it the kingdom of birdwatching and of the scientific research in the field of bird species.

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Underway projects

The Nesting birds Atlas

The Nesting birds Atlas is an easy-to-read instrument which enables anyone to gain the basic information regarding the bird species living in the protected area. The Nesting birds Atlas will also allow researchers to make more detailed analyses by connecting the data coming from valid environmental indicators - as all the birds are - with territorial, morphological, climate, plant variables and anthropic activities. The data regarding the presence of the different species are a useful instrument for professionals to write the Assessment of effects provided by the Birds Directive in the SPA Gran Sasso to complete the intervention projects for the territory. Moreover, the atlas has been conceived for the passionate birdwatchers, also the foreign ones, to carry out a comparison with what has been observed. The atlas is also useful for students of any grade who need data for their researches, degree thesis or reports.
The tourist operators of the different localities will thus have a further tool to foster their activities.

View the Nesting birds Atlas

Bearded Vulture
Bearded Vulture
(photo by Archivio Ente Parco)
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