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Itineraries on Foot

Besides the mountain trails leading towards Corno Grande, Mt. Gorzano, and the hightest summits, that are practicable safely only during the summer, in the Park it is possible to carry out tours of various difficulty levels.

Itineraries are based on hundreds of marked paths, created with the contribution of the Italian Alpine Club, which also include wide-ranging itineraries, such as the Gran Sasso Horse Trail and the Italia Path. We also offer panoramic walks, foothills between  medieval hamlets and olive groves and many thematic itineraries that lead to hermitages, water mills, waterfalls, springs, castles and necropolises. Many of these itineraries could be travelled only in spring and autumn, while some could also be tackled in winter, when snow requires you to wear crampons or skis. Entering the paths, you will discover landscapes, geological peculiarities, waters, plants and animals, while pastoral huts and sheep tracks will tell you about millennia of man's daily efforts. An exhortation to prudence and common sense also goes to those people who walk into the park: leave only your traces, take away only photographs and emotions.

Tips for hikers

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