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Environmental Sustainability Education in the Park

The Environmental Sustainability Education programs aim at promoting new values, behaviors and approaches directed to the sustainability and awareness, in order to foster the development of a sense of belonging, identity and responsibility towards the territory and the environment, and to arouse a long-lasting approval at the generational, social, institutional and economic level.

Long and difficult has been the work carried out: from the training of the young people as "young guides" able to interpret the values belonging to the territory, to the training of a new and specific professional figure: the nature interpreter, a tourist operator not only having a detailed knowledge of the territory, but also sharing the mission at the basis of the protected area.

The nature interpreter has played a significant role with regard to the improvement of the educational, information and tourist services offered to both the resident people and the visitors. Tens of collaborations, educational proposals, sustainability education activities have been realized along with the Park.

In the course of time, the growing quality of the services offered and the birth of new professional figures working in the territory enabled other young people to specialize in the field of the Environmental Education, inspiring the creation of strongly motivated groups and associations, and increasing both the quantity of the offers and the quality of the educational proposals.

This virtuous and complex pathway allowed the Park to equip itself with a structure acknowledged by the Abruzzi Region as Environmental Education Center (CEA - Centro di Educazione Ambientale), by virtue of the requirements provided by the Regional Law 122/99. The structure, called CEA CeDAP, is located by the Patrizi Palace in Montorio al Vomano (TE).

Environmental Education proposals - school year 2014/2015:
Parco in Aula (Italian text)
CEA CEDAP Educational Proposals (Italian text)

Arischia, Museum of the Wood
Arischia, Museum of the Wood
(photo by Giuliano Di Gaetano)
Environmental Education
Environmental Education
(photo by Giuliano Di Gaetano)
Water Ecomuseum along the Nature Trail
Water Ecomuseum along the Nature Trail
(photo by Archivio Ente Parco)
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