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The Park's facilities in the territory

The presence of the Park on the territory is guaranteed by a strategical and functional network of administrative, technical-scientific and promotional facilities fostering the direct contact with the institutions, the communities and the visitors.

The network of Museums and Visitor Centers are the stronghold of the cultural, educational and tourist policy, and the facilities participating in it best synthesize the environmental and cultural peculiarities of the eleven districts composing the Protected Area, offering the interesting opportunity to enter in contact with and analyze in depth the habitat, the flora, the fauna, the typical products and the historical-architectural goods. Another important network is that of the Information Points, some of which are open all the year round within Museums and Visitor Centers, whereas others usually open in summer to give information, documents and gadgets of the Park.

Since the Visitor Centers play a key role in their respective territories, they are part and parcel of a wide path and tourist network, which is well marked and organized along the main directrixes, through stop and picnic areas, dump stations for RVs, signs, information panels, observation hangars and much more. Last but not least is the Bridleway of the Gran Sasso for the horse-riding lovers, which can be covered also to practice the mountain bike-tourism. Along this way, besides the infrastructures realized by the Park, visitors will also find the local accommodation capacity and that of some horse-riding centers.

Many accommodation solutions are offered by the Park: hotels, holiday farms, Bed & Breakfast, rooms in private houses, the so-called "alberghi diffusi", the apartments in the old town centers. Some tourist accommodation structures have been realized by the Park Ahthority and managed by other organizations, such as the Foresteria del Cervo in Paladini, in the municipality of Crognaleto, and that of San Colombo a Barisciano housing the Apennine's Florisitc Center and the Botanical Garden.
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