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The Park's Treasures

Masterpiece of nature, masterpiece of culture

The Park is extremely rich in geological, environmental, anthropological and cultural goods. The former ones lie in the record of the Gran Sasso d'Italia, that with its 2,912 m of altitude represents the roof of the Apennines, but significant is also the geological value of the Laga Mountains, that with the Mount Gorzano reach an altitude of 2,458 m. Nature proves to be as much important: 2,364 species have been counted, whereas the forests covering the mountains, often old forests, are real sources of biodiversity and ecosystems.
The water, flowing copious and pure from the mountains' slopes and feeding rivers and lakes, is a guarantee of health for both nature and men that have been inhabiting and shaping these territories for thousand years. In every historical age, men supplemented nature with their admirable works, offering us beautiful hamlets still in good conservation status, churches, abbeys and castles, streets, caves, necropoles, towns and temples that since prehistory and Roman age have reached us shrouded in mystery and fascination.
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