Visiting the Park

A biodiversity heritage, a small casket of culture

Visiting the Gran Sasso and Laga Mountains National Park means experiencing biodiversity, culture and excellent wine-and-food tradition.
The dolomitic size of the Gran Sasso overlooks the landscapes and stands out on the mounts, hills, pastures and cultivated valleys. The Lord of the Apennines (2,912 m) towers in a vertical direction eastwards with the majestic "Paretone", and southwards over the endless pastures of Campo Imperatore, which is also called the "Tibet" of the Park. The high altitudes are the kingdom of the permanent snow and keep the southernmost glacier in the continent, namely the Calderone. Northwards, by the northern borders, between Abruzzi, Lazio and Molise, there are the Laga Mountains chain's gentlest outlines, with their vegetation consisting of beeches, silver firs, turkey oaks and chestnut trees. The light is reflected by the water courses flowing on the surface and falling in the valleys in the shape of thunderous waterfalls. The Park is crossed by a thick network of hiking paths and by the Bridleway of Gran Sasso, which can be covered by mountain bike too. The territory, virtually divided into eleven tourist districts, shows medieval hamlets, rural architectures, castles hermitages and abbeys: they are authentic treasures of art, culture, archaeology and tradition within a touching nature. The many visitor centers and the thematic museums of the Park, which are evenly spread all over the territory, will amaze visitors for the abundance of territorial values they keep and convey.
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