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Organization and Offices

To tackle the many tasks the Park is called to, the Park Authority is divided into Areas, Services and Offices that the working staff is allocated to.

Institutional Affairs Area
This area's tasks are related to the institutional activity of the Park Auhtority, of its bodies, of the legal office, of the Secretariat, including the communication and information activities and the management of the computer network (internal and external) as well. It is directly managed by the Director, and is at the service of the institutional bodies. It implements those activities involving all the other services/offices of the authority.

Administrative office
This area is in charge of the administrative tasks related to the personnel management, to the accounting and the assets, and the tourist promotion, the territorial marketing activity and the management control as well.

Technical-scientific area
This area deals with the tasks related to the territorial government, to the management and monitoring of flora and fauna, to the agricultural, forestry and sheep-farming activities, as well as to environmental education.
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  • The Bodies
    • President
    • Governing Council
    • Executive Board
    • Park Community
    • Auditor
    • Independent Assessment Body
    • Branch offices
      • Administrative Center - Assergi (AQ)
      • Scientific Center - Farindola (PE)
      • Cultural Heritage Center - Isola del Gran Sasso (TE)
      • Agricultural-food Center - Amatrice (RI)
      • CFS - Territorial Coordination for Environment (Surveillance Service)
      • CeDAP - Montorio Al Vomano (TE)
    • Services
      • Marketing and Tourism Service
      • Territorial Urban Technical Service
      • Grazing, Forestry and Agricultural Service
      • Scientific Service
      • Instrumental, Financial and Human Resources Service
      • Administrative Area
      • Technical-Scientific Area
  • Online Documents
    • Calls for tender, calls for bids and notices
  • Amministrazione trasparente
  • Reference Legislation
    • National Legislation
    • European Legislation
    • Statute
    • Park's General Regulation
    • Protocols and Agreements
  • The Park's Plan
  • Regulations in force
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