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How you should behave when you find the cubs of wild animal species

( Assergi, 29 June 2016 )


Behaviors that are natural for human beings could sometimes prove to be dangerous towards the wild animals we would like to help.

From late winter to early autumn you will easily chance on wild animals that might look forsaken or in trouble. They are actually cubs in their breastfeeding phase waiting for their parents to come back and hiding motionless, which is their only defense against possible predators.

When you see a cub of any species hiding motionless, watch it and enjoy its beauty and tenderness, but do not touch it unless it is seriously injured or lies in a dangerous place, such as in the middle of a road.

Distance yourself from the place without stroking it, you will allow its parents that saw you to go back to their cubs, but you will especially prevent them forsaking their cubs if they smell your presence on them. This is the only way to avoid the cubs' certain death.

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