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The Horse Riding Trail of Gran Sasso

Trekking itineraries on horseback. 470 km of trails

On horseback         

    The Horse Riding Trail of Gran Sasso, 470 km of interconnected trails to be covered with guides

    The 4 branches of the Horse Riding Trail

    • Branch of the Cistercian Monks: East Branch close to the sea; in history it was under the dominion of the Cistercian Monks.
    • Branch of the hills and rests: West Branch where there are lakes and streams. In history, an ideal place for grazing.
    • Branch of the Hermitages and the Horn: North Branch close to the sea and the main peaks where hermitages and sanctuaries are located.
    • Branch of the Great Trail and the fortified villages: South Branch where the fortified villages overlooking the Great Trail are located; this route has been used since Roman times for trading cattle and wool.
    • Campo Imperatore: the central heart of the entire Horse Riding Trail, made up of a plateau extending over 40 square kilometres, at an altitude of 1,600 metres surrounded by all the most important peaks of the Gran Sasso chain.
    Horse Riding Trail
    Horse Riding Trail
    (photo by PN Gran Sasso)
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