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Saint Bartholomew Abbey

12th century, one of the most beautiful and best preserved monuments of the Cistercian medieval art of Abruzzi

Of the ancient Saint Bartholomew fortress-abbey founded in 962 by Bernardo from Linduno, only the church with its beautiful fa├žade preceded by a portico with two arcades remains. The building combines Romanesque-style and Burgundian features. The rectangular portal with doorjambs and architrave decorated with a ribbon carved with vegetable volutes encloses a rich fantastic bestiary which recalls, in the style and decoration theme, the hand of Maestro Acuto, author of the ambon of Pianella.

Municipality: Carpineto della Nora (PE) | Region: Abruzzi | View on Map
Saint Bartholomew Abbey
Saint Bartholomew Abbey
(photo by Archivio Ente Parco)
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