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The Ruins of St Flavian Church

Of great interest, the Church, probably built in the last thirty years of the 13th century, presents again the theme of the religious building isolated from the rest of the buildings. As a matter of fact, the church lies on the ridge, in a dominating position watching over the town, situated a few hundred meters downhill. The worship place detached from the town is a feature it is possible to find also in other villages of the area. The church was built on a pre-existing worship building (late 11th-early 12th century) from which the stone elements you can observe in the portal and in the fa├žade (the single-lancet windows) have been probably recovered and reused.

Municipality: Rocca Santa Maria (TE) | Region: Abruzzi | View on Map
St Flavian Church (Tavolero)
St Flavian Church (Tavolero)
(photo by Archivio Ente Parco)
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