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The Big Abbeys

The complex of St Clement a Casauria, in the Municipality of Castiglione a Casauria, in one of the main access points of the District, represents the jewel of the Romanesque-Gothic style architecture in Abruzzi and one of the best examples of medieval religious architecture of Central-Southern Italy. The Benedictine complex, founded in 871, was dedicated to St Clement when the mortal remains of the martyr Pope were moved. The current aspect is given to Abbot Leonate who, from the second half of the 12th century, promoted the renovation of the Abbey calling important workforce from Cassino.

Of the abbey of Santa Maria Casanova in Villa Celiera, today it is still possible to observe the charming ruins of the defensive donjon, the chapter house, and the church that was the most important Cistercian center of Abruzzi, with estates reaching Tremiti Islands and the far Apulia.
The abbey of San Bartolomeo, in Carpineto della Nora, is an interesting example of Benedictine monastery in which the Cistercian monks subsequently stepped in. The renovated structure is open to the public and is the favorite destination for the tourists visiting these areas.
We would also like to mention St Nicholas in Pescosansonesco, a 13th century Benedictine structure preserving frescoes of the late 13th century, Santa Maria delle Grazie and Madonna della Cona, both built in the 16th century in Civitella Casanova, Santa Maria di Costantinopoli in Corvara, San Nicola and San Cesidio in Farindola.
Besides the monumental architecture, important historical evidences are also represented by the prehistoric archaeological sites of Montebello on Mt. Bertona and Pescosansonesco on Mt. Queglia, besides others in Castiglione a Casauria and Farindola.

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San Clemente a Casauria
San Clemente a Casauria
(photo by M. Anselmi)
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