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Campovalano Necropolis

Ancient necropolis at the foot of Montagna dei Fiori

Archaeological park directly connected with the Archaeological Museum of Campli, which preserves the finds coming from it. They have made a significant contribution to the study of the civilization called the Middle Adriatic and its relations with the Etruscan and the Greek ones.

At the foot of the Campli Mountain, just over 500 meters a.s.l., a short distance from the Farnese town, surrounded by suggestive hills and wild ditches, the flat terrace of Campovalano has hosted for about a thousand years (from the XII to the II century BC) a cemetery of italics (the so-called pretuzi and piceni). The first traces of life in the Campovalano plain (hamlet of Campli), however, date back to the Bronze Age. During the XIV and XIII centuries BC, in the Coccioli area, a community of breeders and farmers is established. The archaeological evidence of this second millennium BC settlement, discovered in 1971, demonstrate, in addition to the manufacture of bronze instruments, a conspicuous presence of farm animals. Sheep and goats, in particular, but also oxen and pigs. Hunting must have had little impact on the general economy of the settlement. The presence of particular vases, called kettles and strainers, testify the processing of milk to make ricotta and cheeses.

Opening times: from Monday to Friday, from 9.00am to 3.00pm / closed on Saturdays and Sundays www.facebook.com/necropolidicampovalano

National Archaeological Museum - Campli - Tel. +39 0861/569158


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Archaeological Site of Campovalano
Archaeological Site of Campovalano
(photo by M. Anselmi)
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