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Arquata del Tronto Castle

It is situated on a rocky spur overhanging the town. Its current aspect is the result of important renovation works carried out in the 14th-15th century, probably on the occasion of the visit by Queen Joan II of Naples, crowned by Pope Martin V. The Renaissance works include the 11th-12th century tower.

The structure is characterized by the square-plan inner keep, with brackets and Ghibelline merlons, by a fortified enclosure with an hexagonal plan which unfortunately fell in ruin. The stretch of walls on the south-eastern wall has the protruding patrol path supported by a series of arches also used as machicolation in case of defense.
The parish church of the nearby Spelonga preserves a piece of the Turkish flag brought back as a trophy by a boat builder from Arquata during the battle of Lepanto in 1571.

Municipality: Arquata del Tronto (AP) | Region: the Marches | View on Map
Arquata Castle
Arquata Castle
(photo by B. Marconi)
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