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Tips for hikers

Some rules resulting from experience and wisdom, to go to the mountain safely and to safeguard the environment

( Assergi, 18 July 2016 )

Best practices for hiking (in collaboration with the hiking guides).

1. Choose the hiking itinerary taking into consideration your physical and technical skills; gain all the necessary information about the area you are going to visit and the characteristics of the route; equip yourself with a hiking map and, if you don't feel confident, rely on professionals.

2. Gain information about the weather conditions in advance and, during the hike, observe carefully how it changes.

3. Wear clothes and bring equipments suitable for the difficulty level and the duration of the excursion; bring all the necessary stuff for possible emergencies in your backpack, and a little first aid kit too.

4. Do not set out for an excursion to the mountain alone; anyway, tell somebody the itinerary you are planning to cover and inform that person about your return.

5. Follow the path and avoid useless off-track routes and shortcuts. You will contribute to preserve the important and precious grasslands and your safety as well.

6. Mind the signs and the indications you find along the way.

7. Should you be in doubt, just go back. Your destination (summit, mountain pass, mountain hut etc…) will stay there to wait for you next time: do try to be there as well. Consider the weather's hidden dangers, do not try to overcome difficulties that are bigger than your actual skills; study the alternative ways back in advance.

8. In case of accidents, call the Mountain Rescue (118) following a few and simple rules: tell your name, phone number, location (coordinates and altitude), what happened and when, type of injuries, weather conditions, possible obstacles in the area (cables, strings, etc…).

9. Do not hesitate to let an expert person help you.

10. Bring your waste back with you, respect the environment you are crossing, do not damage the flora and do not disturb the animals, respect the local culture and traditions, and remember you are a mountain people's guest.

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  • Tips for hikers
    Tips for hikers
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