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The camera traps furnish documentary evidence of the presence of the pine marten and of the wildcat in the protected area

( Assergi, 16 June 2015 )

A research of the scientific service of the Gran Sasso and Laga Mountains National Park is providing significant results by confirming the presence of two particularly elusive, but important small carnivores in the protected area, which are indicators of the good health of the forest ecosystems they are tightly bound to: they are the pine marten (Martes marts) and the wildcat (Felis silvestris).

They are species of community interest listed in the Annexes IV and V of the Habitat Directive, and "particularly protected" species according to the law 157/92.

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Pine marten (picture from a camera trap)
Pine marten (picture from a camera trap)
Pine marten (picture from a camera trap)
Pine marten (picture from a camera trap)
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