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On the Salt Way: the cheese and meat producers of the chestnut forests

Itinerary no. 5

  • Departure: Accumoli (Accumoli)
  • Arrival: Acquasanta Terme (Acquasanta Terme)
  • Length: 22.4 km
  • Involved Municipalities: Acquasanta Terme, Accumoli

The trail winds along a very panoramic stretch of the Via Salaria, which can be covered quietly to enjoy the landscape and the nature. Accumuli is the ideal departure point thanks to the presence of many buildings and architectural emergencies.
As arrival point it offers many places where one can taste and purchase the territory's products. The Grisciano Cooperative is specialized in the meat and cheese production. For the passionate hikers, both the woods and the areas of community interest can attract even the most expert naturalists.

(photo by M. Anselmi)

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Itinerary options: the itinerary can be covered from the opposite side departing from Acquasanta and arriving to  Accumoli. One can also go on towards Amatrice and walk also the itinerary no. 3 "Verso l'Amatriciana" from the opposite side.

(photo by Archivio Ente Parco)
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