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Tourist Itinerary in Tirino Valley District

From Bussi to Capestrano

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  • Departure: Bussi sul Tirino (Bussi sul Tirino)
  • Arrival: Capestrano (Capestrano)
  • Involved Municipalities: Capestrano, Bussi sul Tirino

At the mouth of the wonderful Tritana Valley you will find Bussi sul Tirino, dominated by its 16th century castle, today a well-preserved private residence. Out of town, from the SS road, it is possible to see the renovated ruins of the Church of St Mary of Cartignano (11th century).
From the town, a lap of "Sentiero Italia" you can follow, also on horseback or by mountain bike, towards Popoli or Capo d'Acqua and Capestrano, it is possible to reach the town of Pescosansonesco or the mountains Picca and Roccatagliata, last southern spur of Gran Sasso chain, crossed by the sheep track Centurelle-Montesecco.

Capestrano, Piccolomini Palace
Capestrano, Piccolomini Palace
(photo by G.Lattanzi)
River Tirino
River Tirino
(photo by M. Anselmi)
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