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At Piano del Voltigno

Itinerary no. 75

On foot         Great Interest: Panorama 
  • Departure: Villa Celiera (Villa Celiera)
  • Duration: 2.15 hours
  • Difficulty Level: T/E
  • Difference in height: 150m
  • Recommended Period: from May to November
  • Involved Municipalities: Brittoli, Carpineto della Nora, Villa Celiera
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From Villa Celiera follow the road leading to Voltigno, touching the residential area of Le Scalate, climbing along the mountainside at the foot of the rocky towers of Merletti, going beyond a big Park panel and a hairpin bend, and reaching a large picnic area (1324 meters, 8 km from the town) where you can enjoy a great view over Vallone d'Angri.

Voltigno Valley
Voltigno Valley
(photo by M. Anselmi)
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