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Ten itineraries to discover the excellent agricultural and food products
For those who are so lucky to work in and for this territory, the proposed itineraries are by now a daily routine. The many projects realized by the Park in the last years have often led us to knock on the door of many producers, farmers and processors who offered their knowledge and their experience to follow a common way with a strategical objective: maintain the human presence, strengthen the idea of environmental sustainability and support the coexistence of the anthropic activities with the natural and environmental richness.

Have a nice journey…

Remember! The respect of environments comes first, always and everywhere! Especially if it is about a protected area safeguarded by special laws that guarantee the entirety of the natural beauties along your journey. Before leaving find out on our website all the information about the behaviors to observe in the Park area.

PDF Mangia Parco Notebook: The Park, the recipes, the products

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