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The Horse Riding Trail of Gran Sasso

The longest horse riding trail in Italy

On horseback         
  • Length: 320 km

With its 320 km, the Horse Riding Trail of Gran Sasso d'Italia is the longest horse riding trail in Italy. It crosses the territory of 3 Provinces: L'Aquila, Pescara, and Teramo and 8 of the 11 tourist-environmental districts of the protected area. Along the way, 11 water points, 9 drinking troughs, and dozens of springs have been recovered in order to offer support and help also to sheep and cattle breeders. There are 9 picnic areas with fire points. Moreover, 2 mountain huts have been renovated and 8 shelters where you can stop with the horses have been placed near some tourist structures.

Horse Riding Trail
Horse Riding Trail
(photo by PN Gran Sasso)
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