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From Assergi to Valle del Vasto

Itinerary no. 50

On foot         Great Interest: Panorama 
  • Departure: Convento di San Francesco di Assergi (860m)
  • Duration: from 1.15 to 2 hours
  • Difficulty Level: T - Tourist (level)
  • Difference in height: 150m
  • Recommended Period: from January to December
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The itinerary leaves from San Francesco Monastery (860m), at the foot of the medieval town of Assergi, housing the Park Head Offices and a small archaeological museum. The frescoes of the cloister are also worth a mention. On foot, follow uphill Via del Convento and enter the town across Porta del Convento. Turning left, go downhill to the parish church dedicated to the Assumption and to San Franco, housing several frescoes.

Administrative Center in Assergi (AQ)
Administrative Center in Assergi (AQ)
(photo by Archivio Ente Parco)
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